Solutions, Applications & Services

We have developed LNG plant solutions with a high level of standardization allowing fast-track and cost-effective delivery suitable even for remote locations. All facilities can be offered with a high level of standalone operations. On our customer's demand we can also offer a tailor-made solution, e.g. the full integration of customer's detailed technical specifications into the design.

ssLNG to Power Plants

For remote locations, where not natural gas pipeline grid is in the vicinity, ssLNG-to- power is the fuel-supply solution for an adjacent gas fired power plant. On demand, these terminals can be equipped with LNG distribution facilities, e.g. truck or ISO- container loading.
  • Stand-alone regas-solution dedicated to an adjacent gas power plant in a remote area, e.g. island
  • Key features being ship unloading, storages and regasification of LNG
  • Synergies with adjacent power plant as option, e.g. heat integration
  • LNG throughput less than 0.5 MTPA for power generation rated capacity within the range of 20-300 MW
  • ssLNG Bunkering & Distribution Plants

    Increasingly offshore carriers and cruise ships are fueled with LNG. This plant type is the solution for LNG ship fueling. On demand, these terminals can be equipped with additional LNG distribution facilities, e.g. truck or ISO-container loading facilitating a "virtual pipeline".
  • Located in harbors within emission controlled areas (ECA's) with frequent ship traffic
  • Basic features are ship unloading, storage and barge loading
  • A truck / ISO container loading facility allows onshore LNG distribution to local industrial consumers or road vehicle fueling stations
  • Typical throughput less than 0.5 MTPA LNG
  • sssLNG Production Plants

    We utilze technical proven solutions for the small-scale LNG production incl. pre- treatment, liquefaction, storage and distribution and can provide cost effective state of the art facilities that are tailored to our customer requirements. Depending on size, complexity and location, the right execution strategy and technology will be chosen. Our cooperation with well reputed technology partners is leading a successful execution, providing highest reliability and profitability for our customers.
  • Often located upcountry, e.g. downstream a local biogas production plant
  • Basic features are full required gas treatment facilities, liquefaction, storage and truck loading for LNG
  • Typical annual throughput less than 0.25 MTPA LNG
  • LNG/CNG Fueling Stations for Road Vehicles

  • Turnkey solution including LNG supply and operstaion can be provided with partners
  • We can refer to CIMC experience who built more than 100 fueling stations in 2016/2017
  • LNG logistic supply via telemetric remote control
  • LNG Fueling Cylinder System for Heavy Duty Road Vehicles

  • Fast, easy conversion
  • Easy and safe operation through easily accessible control valves
  • Service friendly construction - reduced spare part variety
  • High process realiability - while refueling or on cold start
  • Pressure building unit (PBU)
  • Strong frame construction which can be used as a frame for a storage box or a climbing aid

  • Today's industry for liquefied gas storage includes a large number of facilities which have been in operational service for significant periods, even decades already. Increasingly plant owners consider retrofitting these facilities for different reasons:

    Plant Life Time Extension

  • Design life time reached
  • Material fatigue, e.g. due to environmental impact
  • Availability of spare parts
  • New regulations require new permits
  • Plant Service Modification

  • Maximizing existing assets, e.g. new product service allos a more profitable business
  • Reaching new revenue streams, e.g. extensions for new business like ship or truck loading
  • Opex Optimization

  • Reduction of energy consumption, e.g. heat recovery, more efficient equipment and up-to-date process control
  • Reduction of maintenance by replacement of susceptible material

  • Different scenarios may lead to undertaking an inspection for cryogenic above ground storage tanks:

    Potential Loss of Production

  • potential risks or irregularities within the tank
  • Lifetime Assessment

  • The designed lifetime of the tank is coming to an end
  • Retrofit / Refurbishment

  • retrofit or update the tank to the newest state of the art technology

  • We provide in-or out-of-service storage tank and process facilities inspections. We have a possibility to offer you inspection equipment qualified to API 653 and EEMUA 159