How It All Began

Company History

Your one stop shop for all your construction, marine and oil field equipment and spare parts needs, whether they are brand new / rebuilt our equipment & parts comes with an exceptional quality with best price. Topmash starts with a passion of supplying as a one stop source for quality equipment and parts to the construction, marine and oil field sectors with best price tags and prompt deliveries. We ship globally to your door step with our prompt supplies of various brands even if they are in our stock or not we will find it for you.

Oil and gas (O&G) industry contributes to the economic as one of the most important sectors by taking into advantages as being the most demanding, challenging and exciting engineering and technological advances which interests the engineers at large. As the O&G industry has become financially attractive yet risky to be implemented, it is important to look into the effective way of managing the O&G projects.

Drilling equipment occupied the market share of 73.65% of the total market volume. This equipment is supposed to be the major equipment used are for exploring the reservoirs. The storage and transportation of crude oil is the major task for the players engage in this industry because of its toxicity in nature also the huge capital investment. Stringent government rules are ensured in order to protect and safeguard and secure the environment by developed countries.

Efficient transportation using source of energy is required for the pipeline mode in order to deliver the products to the end customer safely. In this way the pump and valves comes into picture as they are secondary segment of equipment in the market and are being used for the pipeline transport system. The treatment of crude requires other set of equipment to ensure the delivery of pure product before it is delivered to refineries to extract derivatives or to end users.